About Us

Being in a condo in a big city like Toronto - I was living in a literal fish bowl. Those floor-to-ceiling windows that I loved when I bought the place, meant that thousands of my neighbours could see directly into my unit - and meant I had to wear pants at all times (boo!). 
That’s how Hillcroft Housecoats was born - my hatred of pants.  I wanted to wake up in the morning and put on something quick and cozy, non-constricting, and long enough to cover my legs in the Winter months when it was cold (and for when I didn’t shave my legs...). So we created a cozy, sleek, long robe which is perfect for lounging around or getting ready in. They're so comfortable, you can even sleep in them!

So grab a robe and be pants free with us - we promise you’ll love it!

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